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how to build an audit into a write-in campaign

Updated: Oct 28

Election machines were created to cheat. We don't want them counting our votes.

The machine cannot read a write-in vote. It must be counted manually.

But we don't trust the powers that be to conduct a manual count honestly. They have refused to be transparent thus far with machine counts, why would they be any different with manual counts?

We must provide our own transparency and verifiability (audit capacity).

A write-in vote accompanied by the steps below is a simple way to keep an election honest and verifiable.

Step 1. There will be a blank line (as seen above) at the bottom of the section of your ballot reserved for the governor's race. Fill in the oval and write B O R E R .

Step 2. Have a dollar bill on hand. Distinguish your vote from all other votes by placing the serialized portion of the dollar bill over my name and taking a picture.

Another option for personalizing your ballot is to use your DL as shown here:

Step 3. Turn in your ballot when done voting, if voting at the poll.

If you must vote by mail, take your ballot to the election office on election day. Do not mail it.

Step 4. To enable us to conduct our own audit and sidestep the fraudulent counting, you may voluntarily send the picture of your serialized vote to . Please provide the name of your county in your email.

Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1527 (4) allows you to voluntarily share your vote: "No person shall solicit a voter to show his or her ballot after it is marked to any person to reveal the contents thereof or the name of the candidate or candidates for whom he or she has marked his or her vote. This subsection does not prohibit a voter from voluntarily photographing his or her ballot after it is marked and revealing such photograph in a manner that allows the photograph to be viewed by another person."

Step 5. Please make sure you get a reply from us that we received your picture. If not, call (402) 570-2549 to confirm.

Serializing your ballot gives us the ability to make sure we don't count a given vote more than once.

If you are not handy with a smart phone, have a family member help.

If you are not handy with a smart phone and a family member isn't available, simply send me an email telling me you voted for me ( Make sure you get a receipt. If you do not, call me (402 570-2549). My last advice. If you can vote in person on election day, by all means do so. That is the best way to vote. Early voting clues the cheaters in on how many fraudulent ballots they need to win.

If you receive an unsolicitied ballot (or ballots) in the mail, and you don't live in a county where everyone automatically receives a ballot by mail, don't use it and don't destroy it. Keep it and let us know. We will help you fill out an affidavit on the maladministration of an election.

If you show up at your polling place and an election worker tells you that you already voted, call your sheriff immediately and tell him (or her) you wish to report identify theft and that you will wait on location for him or her to arrive and take your statement. While you are waiting, follow the steps above using the "provisional ballot" the poll workers give you. When you are done voting, and have given the sheriff your statement, when you return home, write down everything that happened. Please call us and we will help you complete an affidavit on the maladministration of an election. We will edit this page in the near future to provide information on how to verify your method of voting after the fact, and what to do if you show up at the polls and a poll worker tells you you already voted. God bless. Robert J. Borer P.S. We are expecting a delay in the November election. If this delay happens, the mechanics of the election may change, and the above may not be needed. If a delay does not happen, we will be ready to go with the above plan.

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