• Robert J. Borer

my letter to our "government"

Members of our Nebraska state government,

Voters are pissed. Neither party is fighting for their right to transparent and verifiable elections, which provide the foundation for all their other rights. This is not a partisan issue. EVERYONE wants their vote to count—without dilution or cancellation from fake voters, fake ballots and fake counts...unless of course they are in on the cheat, in which case they know their vote, in concert with the votes of their cheating buddies, are the only votes that count.

As far as the Legislature goes, voters are wondering if "Republicans" are going to bend the knee and give Democrats the same old, unconstitutional, secret vote at the beginning of the next session, or if they are going to grow a backbone and hold themselves and their colleagues accountable to voters. Please let me know what you plan to do. Voters want to know.

You can find the most recent headlines here (including one about Ricketts, he's a dirty player).

I'll close with this reminder. The people are the rightful rulers of government. You are their representatives. If the power you are exercising doesn't come from their consent, what you are doing is unjust. Just power only comes from the consent of the governed. Getting "elected" doesn't give you carte blanche power.

The same applies to our Constitution. If what you are doing is contrary to it, what you are doing is unjust.

Our rights shall not be denied or infringed by the state or any subdivision thereof. Article I, Section 1. Read it. Believe it. Obey it.

There is a God in heaven. There comes a time when war is just. We all know this. The signers of the Declaration appealed to the Supreme Judge of the World for the rectitude of their intentions. They believed God was on their side and they were on His.

We do not want to descend into another civil war. I'm making an earnest appeal here. I'm not making veiled threats. A civil war is the last thing I want. It's the last thing all those I associate with want. But people across this state and nation aren't armed to the hilt for no reason. "Government" has been trampling on their rights for far too long. Necessity is the mother of invention. (Scratch the idea that "civil war is the last thing [we] want." Not quite. It's the second last. The truly last thing we want is to fall under the rule and tyranny of communism, or, equally as bad, despotism. WE WILL AVOID THAT at ALL COSTS.)

Call me a kook if you want, but just know that by doing so you are calling our great Founders, who gave us this great country, kooks as well. I'm fine with being in such company.

It's time for a wake-up call. Our country is hanging by a thread. We've been sold out. Everyone needs to pray, get themselves right with God, grow some backbone and do the right thing. We can take our country back from the globalists without firing a shot.

It begins by taking our elections back. Someone needs to talk to Evnen. South Dakota now has a couple counties moving to manual count. They are freeing themselves from the corrupt and tyrannical secret black box vote-counting machines (yes, they have ES&S as well). The ball is rolling and it will pick up steam fast. There is nothing in our laws that prevents hand-counting (only the arbitrary, tyrannical word of Evnen's office). To the contrary, NRS 32-207 says the duty of our election officials is to administer "fair and open elections free from outside influence." Given the private, secret nature of the software in these machines, they constitute "outside influence."

Anyone not talking about the importance of election integrity and not insisting on “fair and open elections free from outside influence” does not understand the times we live in. And this fact calls into question their fitness for duty. The software in these machines has been proven over and over by Rs and Ds alike to manipulate vote tallies.

Thomas Paine said (paraphrasing): The right of voting (real, honest voting) is the right that secures all other rights. Take away that right, and we are reduced to slaves.

It's decision time.

That was a long "close." So be it. I'm done now. Have a good day. Robert J. Borer what i stand for jimmy the lemon how to build an audit into a write-in campaign

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